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Every brand has a unique and powerful opportunity to give back to causes related to the cultures they were born of. 

We wish this was standard in our industry.

2% percent of your purchase on our site will be donated to one of these four charities. 

The Blind Community Center of San Diego regularly provides surfing lessons to participants during the summer months. Annually, BCC members attend the Blind Surfing Event, hosted by the Encinitas Lions Club and Urban Surf, where they receive wet suits, surfboards, and professional instruction and get a chance to test out the water (or catch some waves again!). 

The Harold Hunter Foundation is a grassroots, community-based organization that provides support, opportunity, and advocacy for NYC skateboarders. Skateboarding offers a healthy outlet that diverts youth from gang participation; prevents a sedentary lifestyle; builds character; provides a way to channel difficult feelings; encourages crossing national, cultural, and racial boundaries; and instills a spirit of community involvement, self-efficacy, and entrepreneurship. 

Skateistan is an international non-profit organization that uses skateboarding and education for youth empowerment. Over 1,800 children, aged 5-17, attend Skateistan's programs in Afghanistan, Cambodia, and South Africa. The organization focuses on girls, children living with disabilities, and children from low-income backgrounds, inspiring them to build skills and confidence to create strong communities and become examples for other children.

The William James Foundation's Prison Arts Project contracts with professional artists and organizations to provide in-depth, long-term arts experiences for people who are incarcerated in California state prisons. One such organization is Project PAINT: The Prison Arts INiTiative, an arts organization at the Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility in San Diego. Project PAINT creates collaborative projects, conducts visual arts and fine crafts workshops, and provides informative lectures for people who are incarcerated as rehabilitation. 

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